The Spoon Theory

The spoon theory was initially created by blogger, Christine Miserandino, as a way of explaining to a friend the difficulties faced living with lupus, a chronic illness caused by a malfunctioning immune system. 

The theory quantifies daily tasks with spoons, with a healthy individual having unlimited spoons and a sufferer of a chronic illness having a set number of spoons per day, with each daily task taking one or more spoons to complete.  Counting spoons and ensuring that daily tasks are prioritised to fit within the daily spoons. 

My Silver Spoons

My Silver Spoons aims to help women with chronic illnesses regain spoons and regain their lives, comfortably and stylishly. 

Illnesses like endometriosis, PCOS, adenomyosis, fibromyalgia and Chron’s, along with digestive issues, cesarean scarring and postpartum discomfort can cause many issues for women, without the struggle of finding jeans and pants that don’t worsen these symptoms. 

My Silver Spoons is the solution – By women with Chronic Illnesses for Women with Chronic Illnesses.