We’re glad you asked! My Silver Spoons is a collective of personally curated and created products by Owner and Founder, Laura. She has had a long journey with both Endometriosis and PCOS herself and through the many years of trial and error, knows firsthand the struggles of not only living with debilitating conditions, but what has and hasn’t helped minimise pain and uphold the mental wellbeing needed to carry on. Every product available has been put through the test to ensure it helps in some way!

SOOOOON!!!! Our current projects include both over belly and underbelly style jeans. Next we are tackling workwear to help more women carry on their normal lives without discomfort. Sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date on launch dates.

Let us know! The beauty of being able to work on such a niche market and with Laura at the helm, we are always open to new ideas or custom projects to help women. We are strongly community minded and are here to help YOU regain your spoons!

Everywhere! If you’d like to confirm before placing your order, drop us an email.

Not happy? Not the right fit? Let us know and we will be happy to assist with exchanging to a different size or help with any concerns you have with any of our products.

Fear not! Just send us a quick email at info@mysilverspoons.com or direct message on any of our socials with where you are and we can add it! We know that there is an impact on women all around the world and are happy to make sure we reach you.